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Вініри E-max
Всі хочуть мати гарну посмішку, але, на жаль, навіть ідеально здорові зуби не завжди радують білизною і естетикою.

Отримати ідеальний результат і приховати багато природні дефекти можна за допомогою вінірів. За своєю конструкцією винир це тонка накладка на зуб у вигляді керамічної пластинки. Вінір закриває зовнішню сторону зуба, при цьому зберігається його цілісність всередині.

Керамічні вініри E-max це інноваційний продукт, який значно розширив можливості естетичної стоматології.

Вініри E-max були розроблені німецькими фахівцями з унікального матеріалу - дісілікат літію. Вініри мають товщину до 0,5 мм, що дозволяє мінімально обточувати поверхню зуба перед установкою, в деяких випадках стоматологам вдається обійтися і зовсім без попереднього препарування. Вінір завжди обточується в межах емалі.


Кераміка такого типу відрізняється ... Read more »

Views: 126 | Added by: LOGAN1980 | Date: 24.05.2018 | Comments (1)

 I can offer one type of income. It is also connected to the Internet and much more real than virtual casinos.
This is - the creation of the site! We have to, eg, the provider (recently it was not, and now - the best!) Offers to make a simple website for 200-300 €, a maximum of € 3000 !!!! I think that it is possible to start to make sites for 100-130 dollars, it is much cheaper ... Personally, I'm going to do it with one person, because one - will be hard. We're going to sample site - an example. If a person has the ability to - it just goes to the site and look. Of course, depending on customer needs and the price will vary.

But most importantly - do cheaper than competitors (well, and accurately, too). "

Views: 341 | Added by: LOGAN1980 | Date: 20.06.2015 | Comments (1)

 Like many of you, who has a computer and internet access, I first earned writing essays and term papers (luckily I still have a printer). But for a long time I could not stand such work. Demand, of course, great at this kind of service, even in our small town, where institutions - one, two and miscalculated. We have in addition to students of local high schools is learning a huge amount of time students. ... Read more »

Views: 283 | Added by: LOGAN1980 | Date: 20.06.2015 | Comments (0)

 I want to offer you one idea that I met in teleconferences three years ago. However, I did a little bit modified.

To implement this idea, you will need only a camera and a little perseverance.

You know how parents worry conscripts and cadets of military schools as is their son, well if he lives without parental care. ... Read more »

Views: 232 | Added by: LOGAN1980 | Date: 20.06.2015 | Comments (0)

 (This type of activity in the field of information services is versatile and suitable for a large number of areas of life, so use this idea not literally, but in accordance with the information material that you collect and process. - NF).

Once out of business a couple of years ago, I began to think, and what, in fact, to do in an environment where the factories AO KamAZ years do not pay wages. Given the fact that the city of Naberezhnye Chelny is a transit point for all parts KamAZ CIS and many are engaged in the purchase and sale of spare parts, I decided to try. However, the case is not much I liked it, but nevertheless, I paid special attention to the stupidity of supplying information on the sale of spare parts KAMAZ in the local press - a very small price, solid phone, the frequent repetition of the same phone in different parts of the same Categories. All this greatly complicates the search for parts, especially for wholesalers.
< ... Read more »

Views: 278 | Added by: LOGAN1980 | Date: 20.06.2015 | Comments (1)

 Cherished dream of nearly every inhabitant of the CIS - to earn in America and spend the money in the community. The reason is simple: living in Moscow or St. Petersburg engineer, doctor, teacher or programmer gets per month about the same as its western counterparts - a day. As for the people of the province, their monthly income is often hourly wage American. ... Read more »

Views: 289 | Added by: LOGAN1980 | Date: 20.06.2015 | Comments (0)

 One of the common types of additional income is to write essays, and other works for the students.
"Eighteen months ago, in my family was very hard with the money (the consequences of August 17, 1998). And in order to have money even for lunch, I decided to" sell their knowledge. "I hung in the corridors of the university where I study ... Read more »

Views: 5328 | Added by: LOGAN1980 | Date: 20.06.2015 | Comments (84)

 If you have some writing skills, and a little imagination, you can make money in the following activities:

The writing of poetry greeting to all sorts of special occasions - birthday, anniversary, wedding, new baby, graduation, etc.
Help businessmen, officials in writing greeting cards for the holidays, with their subsequent sending to the addresses of institu ... Read more »

Views: 237 | Added by: LOGAN1980 | Date: 20.06.2015 | Comments (0)

 We offer you a way to make money using the Internet, and can be based on it to start their own profitable business.

So, what's the idea?

You've probably seen the commercials virtual casinos. And you try to play? Probably not, and that there are objective reasons - the lack of ... Read more »

Views: 230 | Added by: LOGAN1980 | Date: 20.06.2015 | Comments (0)

 Let's first look at the most obvious business idea. If you are an expert in the business and you have teaching abilities, then you open a lot of opportunities to apply their knowledge and get paid for it. If you have knowledge demanded by society, that without customers, you do not stay. Learning can be almost anything:

... Read more »

Views: 242 | Added by: LOGAN1980 | Date: 20.06.2015 | Comments (0)

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