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Home » 2015 » June » 20 » HOW TO ORGANIZE dating services via the Internet, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR SITE
HOW TO ORGANIZE dating services via the Internet, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR SITE

 Like many of you, who has a computer and internet access, I first earned writing essays and term papers (luckily I still have a printer). But for a long time I could not stand such work. Demand, of course, great at this kind of service, even in our small town, where institutions - one, two and miscalculated. We have in addition to students of local high schools is learning a huge amount of time students. With fierce competition still manage to make a living. By the way, my prices were significantly higher than those of competitors, and still have enough customers. The fact that I put emphasis on the quality of work, I do not rip off cleanly finished work from the Internet, be sure to add material from textbooks, and search for information on the Internet using search engines.

But even the high price of my work could not compensate my efforts on finishing an essay or term paper before the end of the form. I spent preparing work too much of their own time. Even with the good stuff had to sit for hours to edit the text, catching errors and inaccuracies.

I decided to quit writing term papers. I rested month. Already I am beginning to get bored - and then turned up the case.

One of my divorced friend with whom we had not seen for six years, once called and complained that in our small city can not find a suitable man for the development of a serious relationship. All decent men long ago demolished, leaving some alcoholics. When he learned that I have access to the Internet, she said, is it possible to get acquainted through the Internet? - Of course you can!

Especially the experience I had. But I already knew how to search for information on the Internet and found one interesting site "Love Alena" - I immediately appreciated the advantages of this site is already from that point of view, it is absolutely free for the placement of their data and to acquire addresses liked person whose data are available in the application.

I posted a photo and personal details of his girlfriend. By the way, placing the questionnaire is quite simple - in a single step. A few hours later we received information from the site to place the questionnaire, the data address personal profiles, password, and the address to which you can edit your profile.

Within days, my friend came about 20 letters, and 1/3 of the letters came from the Russian CIS, third part - by Russian from abroad, and the remaining 1/3 - from foreigners.

Things went my girlfriend. Offers continued to go to her even now, two months after the placement of the questionnaire. She had not yet decided on the choice of the elect. It is now said that it is not so important to marry someone to marry, she just became interesting to live.

I had an idea, why not do mediation for those who want to find a friend or partner over the Internet? I began to give their ads in the newspaper free ads read:

"Meet in Russia and abroad via the Internet. Instant response. Ensuring correspondence by e-mail."

I knew that many of the problem is not only in the distribution of their data, but also in further correspondence. I gave all my clients the opportunity to use my services to ensure that correspondence by e-mail. That is, they brought me your letter, which I myself gained a surcharge, a client brought their letters to a file, I simply reset and sent to the right address. I have another friend who knows English. It provides translation of letters for my clients.

My rates. Primary placement of profiles on the site "Love Alena" - gryvney 100 (€ 3.5). If my client wants to place the additional information on other dating sites, I'm taking her with an additional 50 gryvney (€ 1.75) for each additional site (Russian). If she wants to post data on the English site, I'm taking her money even for the English translation - plus 25 gryvney (€ 0.88) per page of text.

If my client begin to receive letters I receive from it for every incoming message (text) - gryvnya 2 (€ 0.07), for the letter with a photo - gryvney 10 (€ 0.35). This price includes printing one page letter. If the amount exceeds one page letter, I take a client an additional fee for printing extra pages or graphics.

If my client brings a response in the form of a file, I take her for sending such a letter - gryvnya 2 (€ 0.07), if it additionally sends an image to further take it gryvney 5 (€ 0.18). Send us a photo faster traffic than taking so and sending photos is cheaper than its reception. If the client brings a letter, handwritten in Russian, I'm taking her gryvney 5 (€ 0.18) for the recruitment and sending of such a letter. For the translation of a letter from Russian to English - gryvney 25 (€ 0.88) for 1 page of English text set to receive double the rate set - gryvney 10 (€ 0.35) per page.

It turns out that I earn less client data placement on the Internet, as it further correspondence.

On average, one spends on client correspondence gryvney 300 (€ 10.5) per month.

So the form to at least 5 people and your earnings in the form of mediation may reach 2000 gryvney (€ 70) per month. This is only the beginning of your activity. You imagine that each client served you tell about your services to their friends - you will not need any advertising. You will fill questionnaires and photos!

If you want to start this type of activity, I will give you some valuable advice.

1) The very first client will ask you - How long have to wait for the first responses? - And how many women did you manage to attach?
In no case do not say - I do not know what the response. I'm just starting out. - This is just scare away potential clients.
You better come up with some interesting story about a local Cinderella, which has found a rich prince abroad. Either tell the story as one pensioner found a husband in Germany, then there found her husband for his sister. Now they live there happily and did not regret the unfortunate Russian.

2) For each client rewound separate e-mail. Firstly, because some dating sites accept only one application from one and the same e-mail. And, secondly, to avoid the confusion of emails from men - for whom it is of your clients received a letter. Some men do not even bother to mention in a letter addressed to his lady. And quite often it happens that a man would write more of your client. They will not be able to respond to the same person with the same e-mail.

3) Many women are very young age questioned whether they should place their application and pay a significant amount, not believing in my chances. In such cases, you bring a client not gryvney 100 (€ 3.5) for placing the questionnaire, but only half - 50 gryvney (€ 1.75). The remainder of you will take with her as soon as the first response.

4) If you are going to engage in mediation only in Me, Always use a free dating site. The response to their more numerous. Relationships with the partners of your clients you will not touch - you are performing only its role as mediator. By the way, it is useful for checking and tax authorities. Since you will not ask a license to engage in such activity as dating. And intermediary activity is not subject to regulations on predatory single tax on imputed income.

Your prospects. You can cooperate with local gift shops, with the service "Kodak Express". You can give them a joint ad about dating, take their clients profiles and letters (and not to look for that special office). This will significantly expand the field of activity.

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